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Do you need onscreen talent for your video?

Do you have the onscreen talent for the videoDepending on the style of your video, you may be required to have some onscreen talent featured in your video. Obviously, their role and what they will say in the video is dependent on the message and goals for the project. However, you need to first start by figuring out your need for onscreen talent.

Do you need onscreen talent? If you do, how many people? In what role? Just like a character from a television show you need to define their role within the context of the video.

A second thing that you need to determine is how and where you will get the talent for your video. Will the video feature someone internally? If so, who will it be and in what role?
If not, do you need to hire actors? If you need to hire actors, is this something that you will handle or do you want it to be the responsibility of the video production company? And, when hiring, are there certain traits and characteristics you are looking for in the actors you want to hire?

Key Takeaway: Knowing the onscreen actors that you want to cast makes it easier to define their role within the video.