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Signature Gold Blog Series : 12 Steps for Planning your Corporate Video

Determining internal involvement

Outside of coming up with the concept for your video, the internal involvement of our company in the creation of the video will vary based on how you want to approach production. Some companies simply turn things over the video production company and await the finished product while others have a more rigid and formal involvement in the development of the project
Determining internal involvement
When it comes to your video project you need to think about who is involved internally? What people are required to sign off not only on the video, but also the budget that will be allocated for the project? Is there a review process that you have to go through to approve drafts, and finalized versions of the video?

These are all valid questions that need answers and need to be brought to the attention of the production company. Approval processes require additional time to be added to the project, let alone planning for edit based on the comments of the internal reviews. So, don’t forget to factor in how much influence your internal approval processes will have on the production of the video.