Rosalie Brown’s Fitness Club

Rosalie Brown’s Fitness Club When it comes to fitness, Rosalie Brown is the person you need to know. The 14 people above took on the Total Gym 14 day challenge. And as you can tell their results were great!  You can do this!! Reduce your sugar, reduce your grains and start working out. Take charge, […]

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Vanner Fair 2013 Gypsy Vanner Horse & Car Show

Vanner Fair 2013 September 2013 The Passion came alive for the Gypsy Vanner horse breed at Vanner Fair 2013 with an all-time North American record of 55 Vanners in a single horse show! Once again, the Fair showcased the breed, while promoting GVHS registration and educating both public and Vanner owners to be true to […]

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SignatureGold 6 month Timelapse

Look at this… Solar powered time lapse photography going on at SignatureGold. We are week 2 into a 6 month project on a construction site north on the city. We are very exited about work with Solar power weather proofed housing. We will have the final video done in the next 6 month… stay tuned – […]

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